Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Hump Day !

T.G.I.W !!! Yes, really ... I am glad it is Wednesday !

Owww ... My shoulder/back is killing me today as an effect from the whiplash when I was in that car accident. It almost hurts to breathe ... Not a fun day ... My poor co-workers are putting up with a LOT of whining today !

So ... I know you are all wanting to know where we stand on the countdown to Game Day at Fenway ! We are only 128 days away from the Enclave Game !! !! !! Wow ... I am so excited ... I just can't wait to see Johnny play ... I know he will be playing in pinstripes/grey ... but I still will get to see him !!! That is all that matters ... As long as I am talking about Johnny, I would like to say that I am pretty friggin irritated with all of these jerk-off's that are saying they should "BEAN JOHNNY" or "THROW BATTERIES" at him ... What is the matter with these people ? These are the people who loved him last year ... I realize they feel betrayed, burned ... but do we really need to resort to this act of violence ? There has been a lot of talk about giving JD a standing "O" on May 1st when he returns for his game at Fenway ... I think he deserves one ... I just don't want people to forget all that he did for the RS while he was there ... (am I beating a dead horse here ?)

And I just want to mention how great Johnny looked on David Letterman this week !!!

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