Monday, February 20, 2006

Just a RANT !

Hi. It’s just me again.

Today I woke up and realized it is a bad Monday. Nothing is going well, for me, or anyone else. So I ordered some ice cream to be delivered to work. Yes, it is that kind of a day.

Well, my darling son went to his father’s for the weekend. He came home on Sunday and said he had a horrible time, so I took him to a movie. That makes things better for awhile. He said they fought all the time, and he got yelled at a lot. He was playing with the dog, and the dog bit his hand, and he cried … remember the ds is 6 years old. His dad yelled at him for crying about it. It is just the piddly little things, but they are really taking a toll on the ds. His dad said, right in front of him mind you, “ I am not taking him the whole month of March”. Fine. “I am going to Oregon for work”. Alright. “And we are going to Hawaii for a week, so I can’t have him then.” OK. “And we just bought a new house, and have to clean up the rental before we move into it …” JHC, I GET IT ALREADY ! Poor kid, excuse after excuse … right in front of him.

I also want to mention that I am tired of his wife too. My ds comes home, and every time says that the stepmom yells at him for something, and doesn’t talk to him much. Well, why did you marry the guy if you don’t like his kid ? The kid has been around longer than you, (meaning in his dad’s life, not years they have both been alive, but I am sure you got that.)and he deserves to have some respect. It is so hard being the Mom, because I always have to mend the broken heart when he returns from his dad’s.

All that is keeping me sane right now is my upcoming trip to Boston. I am gonna meet up with some fellow Johnny Damon lovers, and we ARE going to Fenway Park to see the Yankees play the Red Sox. I CANNOT WAIT ! What a kick ass time this is going to be. I am probably gonna go to jail, and even that excites me. We have dubbed it “The Slumber Party”. I believe there are 8 of us, and we are gonna shake up the city ! Any suggestions to bars in the Fenway area would be much welcomed. NOTE: I don’t know that I want to hear you comment if you dislike Johnny for any reason. If you love him, great … comment away … If not … well, enough said. He’s still a stand up guy, and your opinion is not gonna change my mind.

So, I have kept this ramble short today. I just needed to get some stuff off of my chest. When life knocks you down, what do you do? You get back up and keep going …

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