Saturday, July 28, 2007

~ secrets ~

i keep them.

i keep secrets from a lot of people so as not to disappoint them.

i am an adult, and i should not have to keep things from my family and friends for fear of them being upset with my choices in life.

am i making a mistake with mg? i don't think so. it is not as if i went out and married him or anything. i have not made any drastic, rash decisions. we are only spending time together. "playing house" so to speak.

what is the harm in that? is it that at one point in my life i was afraid of him? i don't mean i feared for my life, not really. he was just verbally abusive from a distance of one thousand miles. half a country.

if i can forgive him and move forward, why can't others let me be happy?


Mellie said...

I want you to be happy, and I also don't want you to be hurt. You're a big girl and can certainly make your own decisions. I just worry, that's what friends do. :)

Peter N said...

Me that the person who was bothering you from the east coast? Your happiness is your business, and I wish you the best. ALWAYS. Even if my link isn't here! I was joking.....mostly.

Jere said...

"i don't mean i feared for my life, not really"

What does "not really" mean?????

Novella said...

Thanks Mellie ... you are a wonderful friend !

Peter - the same one from out east - I believed in giving a 2nd chance ...

Jere - wow - how to answer this! Not really in this case means harsh comments were made in a semi-threatening state, but I knew nothing would ever be acted on ...