Tuesday, July 03, 2007

I'm ready ...

I am feeling overwhelmed today.

I am ready to go on my vacation - counting down - only 88 more minutes until I hit the open road. Open road makes me laugh - it's 4th of July weekend - the highways are going to be busy!

My new phone came today - thank goodness. It's not that fancy-schmancy iPhone - it's just the new Razr - which is a step up from my last one .... I'm happy with it.

Bags are packed, car is loaded .... I did forget something at home, so I will have to swing by on my way out of town. That's ok - I live right off the route I am taking so it is not like it is going to take me out of my way.

Can you believe 5 of our beloved boys are on the All-Star team?? Congratulations to:
  • Josh Beckett
  • Jonathon Papelbon
  • David Ortiz
  • Mike Lowell
  • Manny Ramirez

I voted for all of our boys ... so I am happy that we got 5 in ... that's great. Now let's vote for Okajima !!!!!

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Mellie said...

I hope you had a safe trip!!!