Thursday, May 10, 2007

I uploaded to YouTube !

On Sunday's game at the Dome with my Red Sox - there was this Twins guy in front of me - when WMP relieved Hinske, this guy went NUTS !!!

Apparently on Saturday he heckled the crap outta Willy Mo for 7 innings - he said at one point WMP turned around, with a ball in his hand, and well ... if looks could kill ...

so, I got some video of this guy - everytime he did this I would holla "I love you Willy Mo !"

Anyhow - here they are !

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Peter N said...

Novy, he deserved a smack! But our team took care of his, and all is right in our baseball worlds....have a great weekend. Did you see that hooded half priced hooded sweatshirt/jacket for the ds? I was thinking of you both when I received it.
Be well, take care, and be happy...our Sox certainly are! Do you still, once in a while, read my blog? Just curious...hi's to Jenny...she's so great....Peter