Wednesday, May 02, 2007

~ ~ ~ 3 more days ~ ~ ~

Oh my goodness, only 3 more days until I see the boys of summer play catch !

Last night the ds and I got some chores done ...
  • Got the oil changed in my car
  • cleaned out the car so it could be vaccuumed out
  • got an ENTIRE pack of Red Sox baseball cards !!!!
  • bought the posterboard, stencils, markers, and riboon for our signs
  • threw in a load of RED SOX clothes of the ds to get ready to pack

Tonight we are going to:

  • make our said signs - gotta figure out what to say first !
  • more laundry
  • do some stuff around the house
  • go to the grocery store

Thursday we'll load up the car and finish packing and Friday - AWAY WE GO !

Is anything interesting going on with anyone ?????


Kristi said...

Hear some news...Jenni is not coming :( She has to work on Saturday. You should make one sign for me and it should say, " Nick Punto will you marry my friend Kristi?" haha love you and miss you. 8 days until Ely!!!

Mellie said...

Have fun Novy and ds!

Novella said...

HI MELLIE ! I haven't gotten to see much of you lateley :(

Kristi - I am, LOL, NOT going to make that sign - I will however do such a thing for Josh Beckett or Tek or anyone of my boys ... hell, even Joe Mauer !

No, my sign is already made ... it's funny !

Mellie said...

You can make one for Josh for me. :) He's doing pretty damn well so far!

I miss ya!

Novella said...

I want to write EB's on my sign ... but it would be small ...

my sign is like the one we had at our Enclave game ... very, very similar ! so they'll recognize me ! yeah right !

Peter N said...

So many great comments here, so many great friends. Lucky lady, and you're such a great Mom! Maybe after tonight (Tues), we'll be 21-10. Take care Novy. Safe trip home...hi to DS.