Thursday, February 15, 2007

Unresolved issues for Spring Training ...

I read this on FOX Sports ... I can't get the link to appear the way I want - and it's only with Fox's content ... bummah ... clips from the article ...

On Manny:

"Manny state of mind: Is he happy? Is he miserable? Will he blow off the Red Sox's first official workout a week from Thursday? Or will he show up and say, "Hey, man, I never wanted to be traded. I'm ready to play hard! Whatever my team needs!"

All right, maybe that's too much to ask. In any case, Ramirez was in Brazil last week. Neither he nor his agent, Greg Genske, has commented this off-season. The only development is that the Red Sox again tried — and again failed — to trade him.

Smart move. Ramirez's value in combination with David Ortiz remains immense. Their production enables the Sox to lower expectations on players such as J.D. Drew and entertain trades for declining veterans such as Todd Helton.

Ramirez and Ortiz shield all."

On some MFY's:

"The A-Rod/Torre/Jeter glove triangle: When last we left them, Alex Rodriguez was batting eighth, Joe Torre was on the verge of getting fired and Derek Jeter was fiddling as A-Rod burned.

It's time for this nonsense to end.

Torre, the Yankees' manager, all but isolated Rodriguez last season even though protecting players is one of his greatest strengths. Jeter, the team captain, spoke volumes by saying practically nothing in A-Rod's defense.

Sorry, that's not the way a team operates, no matter how justified the Yankees' frustration with Rodriguez might be.

Of course, it would be helpful if A-Rod stopped the drama. He shouldn't need a support group. He's supposed to be a great player."

On Red Sox Pitching:

"Red Sox's closer: Why don't the Sox just trade for Chad Cordero already? If the Nationals want two top prospects, give 'em two top prospects. Cordero is young — he does not turn 25 until March — and three years away from free agency.

While closers often come from odd places, the Sox are kidding themselves if they think they can invent a Jonathan Papelbon two years in a row. Maybe Joel Pineiro or Mike Timlin or Deven Hansack will be the answer. But don't count on it.

The condition of Papelbon's shoulder dictates that he work more regularly as a starter. The Sox need not rush their decision — the last two World Series champions, the 2005 White Sox and '06 Cardinals, did not settle on their respective closers, Bobby Jenks and Adam Wainwright, until late in the season. But Cordero sure would make sense."

And once again ... more BS nonsense about Clemens ...

"Roger Clemens' decision: The annual guessing game will continue all spring. And on Opening Day, Clemens still will be flirting with the Astros, Red Sox and Yankees."

and thanks for the news Fox Sports !


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