Thursday, June 15, 2006

- Random 4 -

Sorry. I have been busy.

I am angry today. Yesterday I was depressed. I am so sick of riding this emotional roller coaster, I don't understand why the bastard won't let me off ! I am a good person ...

So ... I am still counting down the days until the Enclavian Slumber Party ... We are at 64 days ~ OR ~ 1538 Hours ~ OR ~ 92290 Minutes ... this is current time people ... The minutes are just ticking away ... I am so excited to meet my fellow Enclavian Bitches ( i sometimes like to refer to us as this ... JD does not know how lucky he is ... )

Someday, I think I may share the story of "Irene" with you all ... LOL ! EB's, you know what I am talking about !

Well, the DS is now gone for the summer ... which has brought in a big flush of what I call "pity invites" ... I told that to my mother and she yelled "your friends would not invite you out if they didn't want to spend time with you !" ... I understand that ... I am so lucky to have the friends that I have ... They know when to give me the space I need, and they seem to know when I need a friend to be with ... Thank You ! And let me not forget a shout-out to the EB's who also put up with my rants and raves ...

Ok ... Well, I can see my work here is done for the day ... I am going to go and watch Laguna Beach ... I need to see someone else's drama for once, cause I am SO sick of the drama of those referred to as IT, EZ, GQ, and BF !

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