Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Well … Memorial Day is now over. This year was really hard for me … not because it was Memorial Day, but because the DS was gone for 5 days … I am used to him being gone, but this weekend hit me really hard. I mean, I keep telling myself to get over it … the sweet boy will be gone for most of the summer, and I am upset over a couple of days with his dad ?

I did nothing … I moped around … stayed in my jammies … did a little scrapbooking … watched about 15 movies … read 2 books … but it was never enough … I just wanted to lay down, and wait for the weekend to be over …

Do I sound like a loser ?

On Sunday I got to talk to the DS while he was at my mothers … he was riding his go-kart. My mom said he looked so cute, driving in circles around the yard … talking to me on the phone … he looked like he was on a cell phone, and driving one handed ! I can’t wait to take pictures of him driving that thing around this summer !

Well … I am cranky cause I am soooo busy at work, and getting nothing done … not even 1 step forward, and 2 back … it’s worse than that !


JTT said...

My dear; I think you must realize it must've been something more than just ds's absence.... hmm?? Like.... other things recently??

Novella said...

I know ... you are right ... and I am grateful for that !