Monday, July 17, 2006

- Random 5 -

Well ... I suffered through a long hot weekend ... right now, as I enjoy sitting in my office building, it is 92 outside, but feels like 106 ! I hate the dew point ! I hate humidity ! URGH ! That is how the weekend went ... lucky for me I have central air at home ... but I pity those poor bastards 20 miles away who were without power for 20 hours on Saturday ! The hottest damn day and a squirrel was playing with the transformer, causing it to blow ! I pity them !

Someone brought cake to work today ! Damn them ! Cake ! Well, I had a piece, and it made me feel better.

I am getting my hair highlighted tonight ... something for me, for once.

Update: MG - I think I have convinced him it's not a good idea to come here. I told him I cannot take any time off of work to spend with him and he would be alone all day, fending for himself. He had the nerve to ask me if I would at least do the shopping for him and make him lunch before I go to work ... I don't even make the ds cold lunch for school, why would it be any different for you ? I then advised him of my upcoming trip, and he said it's a waste to come all that way for only a week or 2 and then have to leave, unless I will let him stay at my house while I am gone.

ARE YOU NUTS ???? ARE YOU CRAZY ???? No, you are not staying at my house while I am gone for a week, by yourself. I couldn't trust you to keep it in your pants before, and now you want me to give you an opportunity to invite women into my home while I am gone ????

What is wrong with people ? What has the world come to ? There was a time when I would have trusted someone to stay in my home while I was gone ... but that doesn't happen anymore ... I haven't been burned, per say ... but I have heard bad stories from friends who let someone housesit ... and I just can't deal with that.

sorry ... this is a frustrated ranting of sorts.

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