Wednesday, September 20, 2006

- Redneck Reunion 2006 -

This past weekend, I went home for the weekend to celebrate the first annual Redneck Reunion. This was a bunch of friends that I have not seen in about 4 years – I almost didn’t make it, and then at the last minute, literally, I decided to go.

I left work at Noon on Friday and made the 6 hour trip up North. I went out to the cabin, and unloaded my car – and started mixing up some bloody mary’s for Saturday and some strawberry daquiri’s for that night. I was so happy to see Jerry. El’ Captain was there, too – and Travis & G.I. Joe showed up. I was patiently waiting for Kristi to arrive, as I hadn’t seen her since I moved away. D, B, & T arrived and then Kristi … away to the bar we went !

Once at the bar we ran into other people from town and the old days … Joe Goose was there !!!! YAY ! Always nice to see that goose song singing, guitar strumming man. We got to see Goose and Jerry sing some of their famous redneck songs … go country bullet!

Anyway, I digress. Booze was flowing, Beer cans and bottles were opening … let us not forget that chew tins were being passed around and chew was flying (yuck!). It was a long, wonderful night of drunkenness. I think I finally went to bed at 4 in the morning.

I wake up to Jerry yelling about finding condoms all over the place – and he’s pissed cause they aren’t his! I get my drunk ass outta bed, and pour myself a big ol’ bloody mary and go outside before it rains. I took a sauna, got dressed, had another bloody, and went out to see what the new day had brought. What did it bring you ask ? Guns – Hunting Season Opener !!! So we take a walk and find some birds to shoot … I keep drinking the bloody mary’s cause I’m not shooting … then I have to eat something so we go to town and eat and ________ ! Can you fill in the blank ? Yes … DRINK ! LOL !

More people showed up that I haven’t seen in forever … I didn’t care about anything … it was just nice to see them and hear their voices. I am just under 30, but we were playing drinking games … I felt like a young’un again … It was sooo fun.

I think the next one is in December, 2006 !!! HA HA ! Guess the first was so fun, that we had to have another one …

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